Meals & Food

We offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea each day and snacks in-between, all freshly prepared on-site in our nursery kitchen by our own staff.

lf your child has special dietary requirements we can cater for them – no problem!

Meals are served in the ground floor rooms in age-appropriate groups. The children sit around large tables together and are encouraged to use cutlery and help themselves where ever possible.

We encourage our children to try a real variety of different foods from many cultures and countries.

Sample Menu


A choice of cereals, toast and fresh fruit.  We offer porridge in winter and occasionally bagels or muffins for variety.

Morning Snack:

Melon and grapes; bananas and raisins; rice cakes; humous and crudités – we always like to offer a wide variety of snacks over the course of a week so that the children can experience many different types of food.


Cheese and tomato pizza; Chinese chicken; Pasta salad; Jacket potatoes –  We make lunch the main meal of the day as most children’s sessions cover the lunch period, and it is always prepared from scratch by our nursery cook in the nursery kitchen.

Afternoon Snack: 

Assorted fresh fruit; cheese and crackers; bread sticks with humous – again we try to vary the snack as much as possible so the children can experience many different varieties of food.

Afternoon Tea:

Chicken, tomato or vegetable soup; Wraps with mackerel, chicken, quorn, salad; Waffles with beans and scrambled eggs; Pancakes with blueberries, raspberries and honey.

Fresh water is available at all times, and the children drink milk with their morning and afternoon snacks.