About Us

What We Do

Pretty Windows Limited is a company which is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable and accessible childcare and education. This is the whole point of our existence and is reflected in the philosophy and ethos of our organisation.

Our History

Pretty Windows started in March 1997 to support children and families who live or work in the city of Nottingham. The owners who are parents themselves, each with 3 children, realised that there was a lack of high quality childcare and education in the centre of the city and invested a lot of money in completely rebuilding and equipping what had been dilapidated warehouses in the old Sneinton fruit and vegetable market. In this they were supported by City Challenge, now the Renewal Trust, a regeneration arm of Nottingham City Council and by the Economic and Development Dept. of Notts County Council

This colourful oasis in the city centre became “Pretty Windows Day Nursery” which provides childcare and education of the highest quality for the benefit of those families who live and/or work in Nottingham.

Our Motto

The motto of Pretty Windows is “A Care-free Day the Pretty Windows Way” and this catch-phrase encapsulates what we are all about. Parents can be free of care because they know their children are safe, secure, happy and well looked after and children can play and learn at the Pretty Windows centres without a care in the world.


The philosophy underpinning everything at our nurseries is the unshakeable belief that the needs of the children in our care are paramount. The child is at the centre of everything we do and all our policies, procedures and practices are created and implemented around this core belief.

We believe that the role of the adult is to recognise each child as a unique individual and we support, stimulate and encourage every child to achieve their full potential. We believe that it is vital to encourage children to forge positive relations between themselves and others, both within the nursery and outside so that they recognise that they form part of a larger community where everyone cares for everyone else.

Parents are the primary carers and educators of their children and we work closely with them to understand the needs of each child. We believe that only by working in a close and harmonious partnership with parents can we help children to achieve their full potential.

The experiences, interests, ability, family background and cultural heritage of each child must be celebrated and reflected across the service provided in our care centres. Children learn about different countries, different languages and customs, different foods and festivals and become aware that they live in a varied world where everyone is different, and where each person is valued as much as everyone else.

We recognise that many people and agencies will have a part to play in the life of each child in our care and we foster and nurture partnerships with as many of these as possible. We want each of our nurseries to be at the heart of their own local communities.

We want to value everyone who works in our centres and recognise that staff are entitled to be treated with respect and courtesy and we strive to enable them to receive and take part in on-going training to ensure their continuous development.